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Take a high-octane tour through the design, development and muscle cars behind the greatest V-8 in Detroit history. Fire-breathing mopars come roaring to life in this fascinating book - from the 1951 Chrysler Saratoga through muscle cars of the 1960's and 1970's right up to the newest Hemis in Dodges line of cars and pickups. Fully updated and packed with new and captivating details, the book features cutaways of the most collectible Hemi-powered cars in history, as well as a look at Hemi clones and racecars. The first edition sold over 9,300 copies in it's first year, and 14,000 to date, and this is set to do even better, as it tracks the Hemi from it's high-powered past to it's scorching present, from it's greatest racetrack achievements to high-performance street feats, this full-color full-throttle history conveys the true power of the ultimate V-8 engine, and is fully updated to include all the recent makes and models with full technical details.
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Renowned for their sleek shape and prodigious power, Mopar's Challenger and Barracuda were among the top cars of the muscle car era, generating a fervent following that continues to this day. Collector’s Originality Guide Challenger and Barracuda 1970-1974 presents all the information you need regarding correct parts, finishes, options, and trim pieces for all the versions of the E-body Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda, built from 1970 to 1974. Author, photographer, and MOPAR expert Jim Schild sorts out all of the details about these prized cars, including the dizzying variety of engine options. Filled with high-quality, detailed photos of excellent originals or very accurate restorations, this book is a resource that no E-body enthusiast can do without.
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The Pontiac GTO, the Carroll Shelby - designed Ford Mustangs, and Chrysler's Hemi V-8 engine changed the automotive world forever. From the street to the track, these three elements came together and helped to propel the muscle car phenomenon. They became symbols of the era, and of our culture during the 1960s and 1970s. Click 'More-Info'...
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In this value-priced celebration of Hemi muscle cars, author and photographer Robert Genat celebrates the word that has been synonymous with speed, power, and muscle. Named for its hemispherically shaped combustion chambers, Chrysler's iconic engine has powered some of the most powerful automobiles down America's highways, drag strips, and race tracks. This book on Hemi muscle cars profiles all of the great cars that have carried the Hemi badge, from muscle car legends like the Road Runner, Challenger, 'Cuda, and Superbird to emerging legends like Dodge Hemi trucks and the next generation of Charger hitting the streets. Each profile features color photos detailing the vehicle and its engine, along with technical and historical information on the Hemi engine.
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This is one monstrous, picturesque publication that is sure not to disappoint. Measuring 28cm x 31cm and with over 335 pages of magnificent photos and vehicle information. Since the early years of the internal combustion engine, engineers recognized that the hemispherical head design, which utilized dome-shaped combustion chambers, generated phenomenal horsepower. During World War II, Chrysler developed this extremely powerful engine design for tanks and other military vehicles. After the war the company applied this technology to a 330-cubic-inch V-8 destined for its 1951 production cars. This engine became so dominant on America's racetracks and boulevards that its nickname--Hemi--came to symbolize the ultimate in American performance. Hemi Muscle Carstells the story of the magnificent Hemi-powered performance cars and explains why the Hemi has blown away the competition for six decades--and still does so today. More importantly, the book shows how this potent engine became a cultural icon, how it came to define American performance cars.
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From World War II through the muscle-car era, Chrysler s innovation and experimentation took center stage, quite literally, in the form of its concept cars. These concept cars hinted at future production vehicles and explored new and unproven technologies. Chrysler Concept Cars 1940-1970 follows the design, development, and creation of almost 50 Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth concept cars during the automotive industry's golden postwar years, when Chrysler set the Detroit style. Readers get an inside look not only at the styling of the cars, but also at performance developments and engineers unique ideas. The book delivers many never-before-published vintage black-and-white and color photos located during hundreds of hours of research in the Chrysler Historical Archives, the Henry Ford Museum, the Detroit Public Library, and other private collections. While writing this book, veteran automotive writers David Fetherston and Tony Thacker enlisted the help of more than 10 Chrysler designers, engineers, technicians, and librarians over three years. The book is the definitive edition on this subject, as a book with such detail specializing in this period of Chrysler s history has never been produced.
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Founded in 1924 by one-time railroad mechanic Walter P. Chrysler, Chrysler the car actually preceded Chrysler the corporation. With roots entwined with several pioneering automakers and industries, Chrysler made it possible for Detroit to become the Motor City. Featured here in over 200 vintage photographs is the heritage of one of Detroit's most renowned automakers. Chrysler Heritage: A Photographic History follows the fortunes of the company, its founders, and its products for over a century. Through its acquisition of Dodge and the introduction of Plymouth and DeSoto, Chrysler rose quickly. Renowned for its advanced engineering, it surpassed mighty Ford Motor Company for second place in sales after GM in 1933. Showcasing photographs from the Chrysler archives along with in-depth captions, this new book captures the muscle of Detroit, including the corporations unparalleled involvement in the Second World War and the Cold War.
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The first comprehensive history of the Chrysler Corporation, this book is intended for readers interested in the history of automobiles and of American business, and for fans and critics of Chrysler's products. From the Chrysler Six of 1924 to the front-wheel-drive vehicles of the 70s and 80s to the minivan, Chrysler boasts an impressive list of technological "firsts." But even though the company has catered well to a variety of consumers, it has come to the brink of financial ruin more than once in its seventy-five-year history. How Chrysler has achieved monumental success and then managed colossal failure and sharp recovery is explained in "Riding the Roller Coaster," a lively, unprecedented look at a major force in the American automobile industry since 1925. Charles Hyde tells the intriguing story behind Chrysler—its products, people, and performance over time—with particular focus on the company's management. He offers a lens through which the reader can view the U.S. auto industry from the perspective of the smallest of the automakers who, along with Ford and General Motors, make up the "Big Three."
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This unbelievably detailed account of the 'Life & Times of Walter P Chrysler' is an excellent read for the avid Chrysler enthusiast. It takes a while to get used to Vincent Curcio's highly colored 700 page prose, but his old-fashioned narrative technique suits his subject, the Kansas railroad mechanic who rose to become head of America's most dynamic car company. Born in 1875, Walter P. Chrysler came late to the automobile business, joining Buick in 1912, when the early companies were firmly established. Chrysler made his mark by being a great leader who thoroughly understood engineering and production, and who valued the contributions of his employees and directed them to produce high-quality, popularly priced cars. He made it his business to ignore conventional wisdom: he headquartered his company in New York instead of Detroit, commissioned a fabulous art deco skyscraper to house it, and introduced the first mass-produced, streamlined, aerodynamic car in 1934. The Airflow was a financial disaster but hugely influential on future design, and the well-managed Chrysler Corporation made money even during the Great Depression. Chrysler himself became enormously wealthy and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle during the decade before his death in 1940. Curcio's detailed, wide-ranging text offers an instructive history of the automobile industry as well as a full-bodied portrait of a classic American individual, praised by his peers as "one of the world's greatest manufacturers and one of the world's best men."
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This book takes you behind the scenes with the group of Chrysler engineers who, from the 1950s through the 1970s, became one of the most successful and influential drag racing teams of all time. The only team of engineers from an automobile manufacturer to drag race successfully, the Ramchargers broke the most time barriers in drag racing history and earned the most National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Super Stock titles during the sport's golden era of factory competition.
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From the early 1960s through the mid-1970s, Dodge and Plymouth supercars and ponycars defined "ultimate performance" on the street, drag strips, and NASCAR's high-speed tracks. Mopar: The Performance Years provides detailed specs, driving impressions, technical data, and fantastic period photos of the Chrysler Corporation's greatest muscle cars. The books were published originally as part of the Quicksilver Supercar Series. Out of print for more than two decades, original editions of the books are coveted by collectors and rarely come up for sale. Not content to let collectors have all the fun, we've brought them back to provide a unique window into muscle car history.
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A step-by-step guide to rebuilding, restoring, and modifying the famous Mopar �Six-Pack� engines that appeared in all of Chrysler�s muscle cars from 1969 through 1971, as well as the late- model small-blocks and crate performance motors currently offered by Chrysler.